Pulsation is an interactive wearable necklace that explores the concept of “wearing” someone else’s heartbeat through touch and light. When the wearable is turned on, it starts by recording the first heartbeat, this could be the heartbeat of the person wearing it. It then “plays” the heartbeat by way of pulsating on a Neopixel light and by using the same frequency as the heartbeat it just measured. When another person gets in the proximity of the Pulsation’s proximity sensors, it gets activated to record the second heartbeat. The second person will put their finger on the heartbeat sensor and once the second heartbeat is recorded, Pulsation “plays” both heartbeats simultaneously. The first heartbeat continues to be played by way of pulsating a Neopixel light and the second heartbeat is played by way of turning on an LED light and pulsating a vibrating motor that are both situated inside a read heart shaped piece worn as a necklace.


The heartbeat is a vital, involuntary action for humans and is unique to each individual. Traditionally, most wearable technology devices that measure heartbeat, do so for the purpose of biofeedback monitoring of health signals. Yet, the uniqueness factor of each person’s heartbeat raises the question of how to use it as a concept for creating an expression or even connection between people.

Parts list

  • Adafruit Circuit Playground Classic (Canada Robotix)
  • Felt and container box (Michael’s craft store)

The following supplies were sourced from Creatron Inc:

  • 1 x Transistor – N-Channel MOSFET TO-220 (FQP30N06)
  • 1 x Coin vibrator (SPEDE-001201)
  • 1 x LED (White 5mm 600-800mcd defuse LED)
  • 1 x generic Resistor 10K (RESIS-541002)
  • Connection wires
  • Power bank and USB cord

Link to code on GitHub: <https://github.com/n00shinm/wearyourheart/blob/main/two_heart_pulses.ino>